Why I Chose to Formula Feed

Because I did, that’s why.

That should be my answer, unfortunately the mom judgement is so hard core these days that that can’t be my answer.

I chose to formula feed. That’s right, I had the option to breastfeed my daughter and I chose NOT to. Here’s why:

  1. I was only going to be out of work for a short amount of time. It ended up being eight weeks from the day she was born. I personally didn’t see the point in breastfeeding for only eight weeks.
  2. wHy doN’t YoU pUmP aT WoRK tHeN? Because, despite the fact that it’s required by law to have somewhere for me to pump, my office does not have such a place. I had no interest pumping in the bathroom or in my car or in the garage. Nope. Not worth it to me.
  3. I know plenty of people who have and have not been breastfed. You know what? I don’t see the breastfed people being any smarter, healthier, more whatever than the formula fed people.
  4. It didn’t fit my lifestyle. I like to be up and busy and out and about and I’m definitely not one of those people to whip a boob out in public, it’s still my body and my body is personal. I don’t mind that other women do it but it’s not for me. I like that I can walk around the store with my daughter in the cart and give her a bottle as I wander around the aisles. I like that I can have formula packets and water in my diaper bag for the assembly of a bottle anywhere at any time!
  5. Formula is so advanced these days, it has everything a growing baby needs. I do not think that my daughter is deprived of anything because she in formula fed.

So there ya go. It’s my opinion and just some insight on why I chose to feed my daughter formula from the start. I welcome discussion, I do not tolerate bullying, harassment, or judgement.

– Michaela


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